Brain Dead

Hi again to all my readers. I’m sorry, but I’m gonna vent out some stress in today’s post before I go bonkers. First day at work was HELL! Like gosh, I’m brain dead by now. Like, totally. Was kind of optimistic at first, but when I discovered what I had to learn from scratch, the headache came soon after.

My mentor had taught me all that she could within the first two hours of work. Then, I had to absorb as much as possible like a sponge, and was given my first few tasks to do independently. It was impossible for me to master everything within two hours, so I had no choice but to pester my mentor continuously.

I felt so guilty, because she had so many tasks on hand and I still had to trouble her. Can you imagine how stressed up I felt? In fact, I’m still as stressed up right now. I still can’t master everything! I’m afraid that my mentor might find me irritating after some time. What should I do?

Another reason would be due to the restrictions of committing mistakes in my work. I’d get a thrashing from the management if mistakes are found.  Now I’m thinking that my office is not much of a difference from hell, and I’m gonna face “doom” again tomorrow.

I have to catch up fast with work, before time catches up with me. Reason being, there will be an IT show coming up next week. Everyone will be so busy managing their own work, how can anyone possibly be lending me a helping hand if I still don’t familiarize?

So how do I relieve more stress before next week comes?! Any tips?!

Please help me!!!

P/S: I’m working as an indoor sales executive at an established company.

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    • Lawrnce
    • June 2nd, 2009

    relax relax~

    • Judy
    • June 5th, 2009

    “Take everyday as if there is no tomorrow, walk every step as if the next step might be the edge of the cliff”

    Careful, Concentrate and Cautious. (watever the spelling… =X)

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