Today is my last day of work at Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd. Please don’t ask me why I’ve resigned… Anyway, I’ve found a new job already and is starting work on Monday.

The interviewer had informed me that this job may be a little stressful, and is absolutely fast-paced, so there’s no room for relaxation. Alright, time to work on my career this time. I want a stabilized and full-time job!

Here are some photos which I’ve taken during work, for 记念品.



My desk



Ted and me
Rikq and Sean (Daniel at the back)
Jeffrey and Sean
Dachao and Matthew

Thanks for allowing me to take the photos, guys! As for the rest whom I didn’t approach, sorry! I couldn’t find you guys as everyone had left the office early to attend the company’s chalet, or was busy.

It was really a memorable experience for me to have spent the last two months in the company. Thank you to all who have given me their guidance, trust, and patience. I will miss everyone!

P/S: Big thanks to Ted, Alex, Jeffrey, Daniel, Sean, for having a ‘final’ lunch and dinner with me. Last but not least, thanks to Sam as well for the car ride to the chalet.

Good luck to all!

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    • Lawrence Ling
    • May 29th, 2009

    Tat Ted looks nt bad =x

  1. Waliews… No matter what I post the first thing you look at are girls… Lol

    • Lawrnce
    • June 1st, 2009

    wat =.=
    You post picture ma..of cos see lar….
    I read the 1st part..then seee pic…then read =x

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