Fritt Vilt

I’m on leave from work today. Visited the dentist early this morning, and discovered that I actually have gum disease. That totally suck, alright. Now I’d have to pay extra care for my tooth. Wouldn’t want to end up as a toothless lady as early as my fifties.

Anyway, since I had nothing to do at home after I got back, I decided to browse through a selection of movies, and found this Norwegian horror flick called “Fritt Vilt.” It means “cold prey” in English.

As adapted from Wikipedia, the movie had premiered in Norway on 13th October 2006, and received mostly positive reviews and was hailed as one of the best modern Norwegian horror movies.


I totally agree on that. The movie was superb! I had my heart in my mouth throughout the whole show. The setting of the movie is also terrific. Lifted from Wikipedia again, “The movie was shot at a top of Jotunheimen. Helicopters flew the 20 ton equipment to the top of the mountain where the temperature was below −25 degrees Celsius. It took 2 years to shoot the film and another 9 months for special effects and editing.” Due to the demanding popularity, “Fritt Vilt II” was released on the 10th October 2008.

Needless to say, I carried on to watch Fritt Vilt II straight after part I had ended. Right now, I’m in total envy of the leading actress in the show. She’s such a heroine! Unmeasurable courage and determination. That’s just so awesome!

Catch a glimpse of part I, and admire the scenery’s beauty! Apologies, as I’m not able to find a trailer with English subtitles. Basically, the movie is about this group of friends who went snowboarding, and one of them got into an accident.

Having broken his leg, they had no choice but to seek refuge at the nearest hotel, and later discovered that no one resides there. Little did they know that a mysterious figure has been watching them since they arrived, roaming about the hotel without them knowing.

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    • Lawrence Ling
    • May 29th, 2009

    Funshion got or not!?

  1. Definitely, lol. Go watch it! It’s nice. :)

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