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I have been doing nothing these few days! Just the usual typical routine of going to work, and then back home, or go visit baby. Finally, we went to the movies again last night. The previous time both of us went to the cinemas, was in March.

For those who know me, I’m sure you do understand that I hardly watch shows that belongs to neither the horror nor thriller genre. However, I’m actually quite a fan of “Night at the Museum.” Hence, we went to catch the part II of it last night.

It’s just so comical and filled with actions! One of the shows which can actually make me laugh, is this. I’m in awe sometimes. The show is flipping wild, and I find some of the museum exhibits exquisite. I must also admit that this movie is educational in some ways. Great way to learn more about history!


Oh, and wanna know what I have been doing at home lately, besides gaming? I have been trying to catch up with the hottest TV series – “Boys Over Flowers.” I actually finished watching the whole series in 4 days!

This show is like another version of “Meteor Garden.” Romantic, yet filled with suspense. The last episode had the most impact on me. I cried, as the scenes touched my heart. I could feel myself sinking in. Thumbs up for the show!


Hmm, don’t you guys think that the weather this morning is so hot? After drinking a cup of chilling sugarcane and honeydew milk tea, they still didn’t cool me down a lot. I miss rainy weathers.

Nearly melted under the scorching sun, when I went to view the new flat this morning with my family. The house is kinda spacious and nice! I like it. I’m finally going to have my own bedroom, and a cupboard to display my teddy bear collections.

I’ll be shifting house in a few months’ time. Cheers!

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