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Today is my last day of work at Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd. Please don’t ask me why I’ve resigned… Anyway, I’ve found a new job already and is starting work on Monday.

The interviewer had informed me that this job may be a little stressful, and is absolutely fast-paced, so there’s no room for relaxation. Alright, time to work on my career this time. I want a stabilized and full-time job!

Here are some photos which I’ve taken during work, for 记念品.



My desk



Ted and me
Rikq and Sean (Daniel at the back)
Jeffrey and Sean
Dachao and Matthew

Thanks for allowing me to take the photos, guys! As for the rest whom I didn’t approach, sorry! I couldn’t find you guys as everyone had left the office early to attend the company’s chalet, or was busy.

It was really a memorable experience for me to have spent the last two months in the company. Thank you to all who have given me their guidance, trust, and patience. I will miss everyone!

P/S: Big thanks to Ted, Alex, Jeffrey, Daniel, Sean, for having a ‘final’ lunch and dinner with me. Last but not least, thanks to Sam as well for the car ride to the chalet.

Good luck to all!


Fritt Vilt

I’m on leave from work today. Visited the dentist early this morning, and discovered that I actually have gum disease. That totally suck, alright. Now I’d have to pay extra care for my tooth. Wouldn’t want to end up as a toothless lady as early as my fifties.

Anyway, since I had nothing to do at home after I got back, I decided to browse through a selection of movies, and found this Norwegian horror flick called “Fritt Vilt.” It means “cold prey” in English.

As adapted from Wikipedia, the movie had premiered in Norway on 13th October 2006, and received mostly positive reviews and was hailed as one of the best modern Norwegian horror movies.


I totally agree on that. The movie was superb! I had my heart in my mouth throughout the whole show. The setting of the movie is also terrific. Lifted from Wikipedia again, “The movie was shot at a top of Jotunheimen. Helicopters flew the 20 ton equipment to the top of the mountain where the temperature was below −25 degrees Celsius. It took 2 years to shoot the film and another 9 months for special effects and editing.” Due to the demanding popularity, “Fritt Vilt II” was released on the 10th October 2008.

Needless to say, I carried on to watch Fritt Vilt II straight after part I had ended. Right now, I’m in total envy of the leading actress in the show. She’s such a heroine! Unmeasurable courage and determination. That’s just so awesome!

Catch a glimpse of part I, and admire the scenery’s beauty! Apologies, as I’m not able to find a trailer with English subtitles. Basically, the movie is about this group of friends who went snowboarding, and one of them got into an accident.

Having broken his leg, they had no choice but to seek refuge at the nearest hotel, and later discovered that no one resides there. Little did they know that a mysterious figure has been watching them since they arrived, roaming about the hotel without them knowing.

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I have been doing nothing these few days! Just the usual typical routine of going to work, and then back home, or go visit baby. Finally, we went to the movies again last night. The previous time both of us went to the cinemas, was in March.

For those who know me, I’m sure you do understand that I hardly watch shows that belongs to neither the horror nor thriller genre. However, I’m actually quite a fan of “Night at the Museum.” Hence, we went to catch the part II of it last night.

It’s just so comical and filled with actions! One of the shows which can actually make me laugh, is this. I’m in awe sometimes. The show is flipping wild, and I find some of the museum exhibits exquisite. I must also admit that this movie is educational in some ways. Great way to learn more about history!


Oh, and wanna know what I have been doing at home lately, besides gaming? I have been trying to catch up with the hottest TV series – “Boys Over Flowers.” I actually finished watching the whole series in 4 days!

This show is like another version of “Meteor Garden.” Romantic, yet filled with suspense. The last episode had the most impact on me. I cried, as the scenes touched my heart. I could feel myself sinking in. Thumbs up for the show!


Hmm, don’t you guys think that the weather this morning is so hot? After drinking a cup of chilling sugarcane and honeydew milk tea, they still didn’t cool me down a lot. I miss rainy weathers.

Nearly melted under the scorching sun, when I went to view the new flat this morning with my family. The house is kinda spacious and nice! I like it. I’m finally going to have my own bedroom, and a cupboard to display my teddy bear collections.

I’ll be shifting house in a few months’ time. Cheers!


I have almost recovered! Like, finally. This is the first time I’ve been sick for such a long period of time. For the past few days, I have been caught up with body aches, sore throat, fever, flu and cough. After resting for so many days at home, all that I’m still tied up with is my bad cough.

It’s such a blessing to be able to experience the sunshine, to breathe in the fresh air, to talk without any difficulties, etc etc. I feel so revitalized now. My mood is all good, and I’m less grumpy now.

And so, I shall share a short hilarious video clip with my readers, especially for those of you who loves “Twilight” like me!


I’m having a fever! Woke up last morning with a sore throat, thought that it was due to dehydrating too much throughout the night, but it developed into a fever later on.

For the whole of yesterday until this morning, it was a total nightmare with the fever taking place. I had barely slept. The highest temperature which I had recorded was 39°C. Now I’ve missed out viewing the new flat with my family, and one more day of work.

Just gonna rest at home today… Anyway, I’m selling the undermentioned pink top for ladies. Bought it, and then realized that it does not fit me and is not to my liking.


Price: $11 only


Size: Free size

Measurements: Length: 54CM Sleeves: 14CM Shoulder: 34CM Bust: within 85CM

Material: Cotton and polyester

Note: Inner piece is not included.

Please leave a comment here if you are interested! :)

Ups & Downs

Many things have happened during the past few days… I’m not gonna mention them here, in order to safekeep my privacy as well as to respect the people involved.

Tears and joy, anger and happiness.

No matter what, I’ll continue to stay by your side. I cannot guarantee you what will take place in future, but for now I’m really firm. You can say that I’m silly, but I find it all worthwhile.

Just don’t let me down, and I’m contented. Sounds a little too good to be true, but I’m putting aside the major factors for now. Let’s just pull through this together as one.