“Hong Guo”

I’m melting due to the insanely hot weather! Don’t you all feel that it’s getting hotter and hotter these days? I hate hot weathers, they make me sweat like mad and depend solely on the air conditioners. And I don’t really like turning on the air conditioner, because I dehydrate pretty fast and may end up with a sore throat.

How I wish that Singapore would just snow. Now I seriously miss traveling overseas to those super cold countries.

Anyway, I managed to catch up with Steph yesterday after so long! I missed her, alright. I’m glad that our schedule is finally compatible with each other. She was nice to accompany me to Bugis Street, so that I could get a new pair of long-awaited sunglasses.

Speaking of which, it was a bad experience! I had asked for a new pair of sunglasses when making the purchase, because lots of people have already tried on the display set. And guess what? The shop assistant responded, saying that the display set which I was holding on to, is new.

Total crap-ness. I think she thought that I was blind. So I asked her nicely for a new pair again, and she simply stared at me with an annoyed face for a few seconds, before deciding to search for a new pair. Like, “what the crap?!” Her expression was totally absurd. I hate those kind of poor customer service.

Interested to know more about what happened after that? She got another two of her colleagues to help her search for a new pair of the sunglasses which I wanted. After some searching, one of them managed to find one, and passed it over to the lady who was serving me.

Her reaction was to quickly keep it back into the drawers, hoping that she could fool me, then turned to me and said that the display set was actually the last pair. I was so disgusted by her actions.

So in the end I decided to just purchase the display set, because I cannot be bothered to argue with such barbaric people. Such people just makes me furious!

Went for lunch after that incident at “红锅,” which is located at basement one of Bugis Junction. The prices of the food is reasonable, so don’t be worried about burning your pocket.




Lychee Aloe Green Tea


Iced Honey Lemon


Beef Yunan Noodle

I had an absolutely fine and memorable dining experience at 红锅. The beef noodle tasted damn awesome, and the drinks tasted somewhat “traditional.” I like the taste of it! The beef noodle is a “must-try,” so do try it out!

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