Dogs As Shark Baits

Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You’ve read it right.

The news may be old, but I was actually unaware until I read Miyake’s blog! I think that mankind is becoming more and more absurd. How can Man actually now do such a thing to their own “best friend?!”

First it’s the abuse of chickens, sheep, pigs, cats, baby seals, some wild raccoon dogs, and now even others’ pets are involved. What’s gonna be next? It’s never-ending.

“Innocent stray dogs are being skewered alive and being dragged behind boats as shark bait. Help us sign a letter to the French government to ask for an end to this inhumane practice in Reunion Island (French-controlled). We are asking the government to make sure that this practice never happens again!”

Please click on the picture, for the full article by National Geographic:


Hesitate no more and help the poor animals who are suffering in silence out there!

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