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Thank God, it seems like I’m able to move on now. I just wanna put the past behind me and start afresh. I know that I won’t be able to abandon all behind, especially some traumatizing issues, but at least I can now leave some of my past mistakes behind.

I have to learn how to let go and strive for the better. I’m beginning to improve in that field, but it is just so hard… Never mind that, I’ll just let nature take its course.

Thanks, everyone.

I received an overseas call today. From Japan! And the caller was a female. She sounded so cute! But unfortunately, we were both unable to comprehend the opposite party’s command of language. She only knew a little bit of English.

This incident made me feel like taking up Japanese as my third language. Should I? But my schedule is so packed nowadays, and I always seem to 半途而废 and have 三分钟热度. Hmm…



I have done things that are very wrong. It has been sometime since I’ve last felt so remorseful.

I realize all of my mistakes now, and I will turn over a new leaf. I thank everyone for forgiving me from the bottom of my heart. But…

How do I forget about this incident and move on? I’m so guilty-conscience and embarrassed. I’m unable to pluck up the courage to face everyone again…

“Hong Guo”

I’m melting due to the insanely hot weather! Don’t you all feel that it’s getting hotter and hotter these days? I hate hot weathers, they make me sweat like mad and depend solely on the air conditioners. And I don’t really like turning on the air conditioner, because I dehydrate pretty fast and may end up with a sore throat.

How I wish that Singapore would just snow. Now I seriously miss traveling overseas to those super cold countries.

Anyway, I managed to catch up with Steph yesterday after so long! I missed her, alright. I’m glad that our schedule is finally compatible with each other. She was nice to accompany me to Bugis Street, so that I could get a new pair of long-awaited sunglasses.

Speaking of which, it was a bad experience! I had asked for a new pair of sunglasses when making the purchase, because lots of people have already tried on the display set. And guess what? The shop assistant responded, saying that the display set which I was holding on to, is new.

Total crap-ness. I think she thought that I was blind. So I asked her nicely for a new pair again, and she simply stared at me with an annoyed face for a few seconds, before deciding to search for a new pair. Like, “what the crap?!” Her expression was totally absurd. I hate those kind of poor customer service.

Interested to know more about what happened after that? She got another two of her colleagues to help her search for a new pair of the sunglasses which I wanted. After some searching, one of them managed to find one, and passed it over to the lady who was serving me.

Her reaction was to quickly keep it back into the drawers, hoping that she could fool me, then turned to me and said that the display set was actually the last pair. I was so disgusted by her actions.

So in the end I decided to just purchase the display set, because I cannot be bothered to argue with such barbaric people. Such people just makes me furious!

Went for lunch after that incident at “红锅,” which is located at basement one of Bugis Junction. The prices of the food is reasonable, so don’t be worried about burning your pocket.




Lychee Aloe Green Tea


Iced Honey Lemon


Beef Yunan Noodle

I had an absolutely fine and memorable dining experience at 红锅. The beef noodle tasted damn awesome, and the drinks tasted somewhat “traditional.” I like the taste of it! The beef noodle is a “must-try,” so do try it out!


Is there something wrong with me? I think that I’ve been trying to get some attention from my loved ones recently, but obviously I have failed to do so. I’m so tired these days due to work, and always falls asleep before 12am.

I’ve been pondering to myself… I want to be the best in my fields, I really want to. But I’m not sure if by striving to achieve this goal, will make me neglect other ‘sides’ of me. Sometimes I don’t just feel tired physically, but also emotionally.

Every time when I reach home from work, it would seem like I’m venting out some sort of anger to everyone. I have totally no idea where this ‘anger’ came from… I think that I’ve been getting lots of emotional break downs.

How should I stop all these?

Unlucky Day

I had a seriously awful day yesterday! I must say that Lady Luck was definitely not on my side. Woke up at about 8am to go jogging, but my stupid blister really hurt so badly that I was only able to jog half a round.


Can you see my blister?! It really hurts like hell, and is causing me to only be able to wear a specific pair of footwear. And how did I end up with this blister? Thanks to my new pair of flat heels and having a bunion.


Anybody wanna purchase the above flat heels? I’ve only worn it once, and I’m left with no other choice but to rid of it since it is impossible to suit my bunion.

Other than a failed jogging session, I also failed to withdraw money from an ATM machine, because the machines were shut down for doing wiring. So having only a few cents left in my purse, I failed to buy my favorite bubble tea, and after which I failed to reach my destination on time because the taxi driver drove me in a big merry-go-round.

Then, some arguments occurred and I almost blew it… But no worries, I’m fine now.

So in conclusion, how else more can I be considered as “unlucky?”

Dogs As Shark Baits

Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You’ve read it right.

The news may be old, but I was actually unaware until I read Miyake’s blog! I think that mankind is becoming more and more absurd. How can Man actually now do such a thing to their own “best friend?!”

First it’s the abuse of chickens, sheep, pigs, cats, baby seals, some wild raccoon dogs, and now even others’ pets are involved. What’s gonna be next? It’s never-ending.

“Innocent stray dogs are being skewered alive and being dragged behind boats as shark bait. Help us sign a letter to the French government to ask for an end to this inhumane practice in Reunion Island (French-controlled). We are asking the government to make sure that this practice never happens again!”

Please click on the picture, for the full article by National Geographic:


Hesitate no more and help the poor animals who are suffering in silence out there!

Gloomy Bear

I really like collecting soft toy bears. Siddy had actually gotten me a bear in order to cheer me up. Yes, a “Gloomy Bear.” It’s ironic that he got me a “gloomy bear” to cheer me up, but I adore it. Especially when it’s pink in color. Thanks Siddy, I’m all good now.

“Gloomy, an abandoned little bear, is rescued by Pitty (the little boy). At first, he is cute and cuddly, but becomes more wild as he grows up. Since bears do not become attached to people like dogs by nature, Gloomy attacks Pitty even though he is the owner. So Gloomy has blood on him from biting and/or scratching Pitty. The Gloomy with blood is called Chax Colony Edition.”