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Wedding Banquet Photos

Here are some of last night’s wedding banquet photos. There were 9 dishes, but I was too happily eating the first dish, that I actually forgot to snap it. The wedding banquet was held at the “Happy Restaurant” (双喜楼). The food was average, and unfortunately, I had to say that their service was lower than average. None of it was amazing.












Cousin’s Wedding Banquet

Hello! I’m like, rotting at home right now with the company of my family and computer. Tonight is my younger cousin’s wedding banquet! Feeling really happy for her, like how I felt for Jane dear when she got married. But at the same time, the feeling is like losing someone to another person. Haha…

Congratulations, Elaine! <3

Next time it’ll be my turn! I’m the sort who thinks a lot, and I always wonder what will happen if you’re at the wedding banquet, walking gracefully down the aisle in front of the audience with your loved one and… You accidentally tripped! Oh my god, can you even imagine? Think it’ll be so damn embarrassing. I sure hope that this has not happened to anyone yet!

Alright, got to go get ready for tonight’s event already. Bye!

3-Minute Hotness

Good morning! I’m at work right now, kinda free so I’m blogging. Don’t know why my colleague isn’t even here yet when work starts at 10am! Never mind… I wonder if he is even aware that he’s on shift with me today? And I sort of realized, that I have a habit of frequent blogging when I start-off a new blog.  Because if I don’t blog, then my blog would look empty without posts. Once my blog has accumulated a certain number of posts, I’ll start to laze around and stop blogging as time passes.

I thought that blogging was really my hobby, but I guess that I was wrong. I’m always 三分钟热度! Hehe.

Okay, I’m so hungry. Gonna go buy some food and then enjoy my breakfast cum lunch. Signing off!

Hello, WordPress!

This is my first time using WordPress to blog. I’ve shifted from as I’ve decided not to use Jugem anymore, due to still being clueless on how to use it entirely.

I did something stupid today… Went to spam a total of 210 Ring Boxes in Granado Espada with the help of Phang, and we didn’t even get a single Fortitudo Stance Ring! Guess that the drop rate really sucks.

Happy birthday, brother! You’re another year older, please don’t be so lame anymore. We love you!