Hectic Schedule

Recently, I’ve been having meetings with the staffs and my colleagues. We’re most likely gonna hold weekly meetings from now on. (Boy, this is tiring!) Seems like a lot are really going to change- Changes for the better. My job is no longer just a part-time job which does minor for my future, but it also carries more career opportunities for me from now on.

The only sad thing is that my salary is back to square one again. Bah, forget it… Guess that it doesn’t really matter. Think that it won’t affect me much since I’m still young, and I’m not after the payroll anyway.

And I’m feeling better now, after somewhat resting for 2 days. But my cough seems to be getting worse, and my blocked nose still irritates me badly. Never mind, at least I can talk now! My voice was ‘super sexy’ previously.

Siddy, YZ and Gwen came to visit me on Saturday night. Knowing that I was very sick, they came to my house personally to deliver me a sunflower, a get-well-soon card, biscuit for me to eat after I’ve recovered and an apple!

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” Haha. I was really surprised and I fully appreciate it. I love surprises. Thanks, guys! *Hugs*

Signing off!



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    • Siddy
    • March 18th, 2009

    Glad you love our get well soon gift :D
    Sorry for the ugly hand-writing though D:
    Anyways hope you’re getting better :)

    • Kaslyn
    • March 19th, 2009

    Feeling better already. Of course I loved the gifts! And your handwriting isn’t ugly… Lol. Thank you!

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