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QA Testing

Been a few days since I’ve blogged- Really tight for time now, ever since the QA testing begun on Thursday. My first thought about doing the QA testing was that it should be pretty exciting. But at the same time, I was worried about being clueless on how to go about it. Now that I’ve mastered the basics, I’m beginning to lose interest in some parts of the gameplay. It’s pretty much due to repetitions of gameplay I’d have to perform per day.

Jon was right; by the time the new version patch launches, I’d have grown tired of the ‘new’ features already. The features would definitely be “oh-so-new.” It’s actually pretty tiring too. But still, I’m glad to be among the first few in S.E.A to try it. And now… Time to carry on with the testings. Ta-ta!



“Push” Movie

Finally have the time to blog an entry… Been going out for the past few days, so I haven’t had time to blog. Most of the time when I reached home, it’d be the wee hours already. Watched the movie “Push,” at Plaza Singapura yesterday. The movie is about a group of young American expatriates, with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from the U.S. government agency in Hong Kong.

The show is a bit ‘slow’ as it progresses, but I never really relaxed in my seat. I’d say that it’s pretty thrilling for an action movie, and some parts were rather comical. I certainly loved the digital and sound effects. Most of all, there’s my favourite “Camilla Belle” in the movie! I think that she’s just so hot! Okay, am I sounding like a lesbian here?

Do catch the movie! View the trailer below. :)

MJ’s Mascara

I’m rather emotional today… Perhaps I’m under too much stress. Don’t wanna go too much into details.

Anyway, I wanna get Majolica Majorca’s “Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus!” Ladies, interested?! The mascara costs $25.90, and is out at Watsons store. I’ve gotten mine from Plaza Singapura, it really does wonder to your lashes! Get mystified by it now!



Office Orientation

Went for an orientation around the main office yesterday. So glad to have Adrian, Hrin and Kelly to bring us around! Thank you all for your time. Now I’m beginning to have more in-depth understanding of the various departments. However, my interest still lies more in servicing people. (Isn’t that why I took up travel, tourism & hospitality?) Really hope that I’d be able to venture my career there.

To Alex and my surprise, the whole office was much bigger than what we had in mind! It’s pretty neat too, for an office. Last but not least, there’s a gaming corner in the office as well! My eyes shimmered when I saw the gaming devices there, with the glamorous and rare game merchandises, as well as the luxurious sofa and cushions… I was so tempted to just spend my time gaming there endlessly… But… *Snap* Back to reality.

So, we all went for lunch after that at “Moi Lum Restaurant.” We all ordered the same set meal – Lemon Chicken Rice! And then accompanied Adrian to Ubi Road in order to get some new furniture for the iCafe. Finally, we have worked this one out. We’re gonna revamp the place! It was hard work yesterday especially for Adrian and Alex, as we had a lack of manpower to bring the furniture back to the iCafe. Been tough on you guys!

Thank you to Hrin for lunch, and for giving us the Granado Espada 2009 limited editionĀ  diary and other merchandises! Same to you, Kelly! The diary cannot be purchased anywhere, and there are only 20 copies of it. I’ll take a photo of it when I have the time. It’s totally awesome and beautiful! I was so envious of Max when he had the 2008 one, but now I have the newest one too!

Alright, time to carry on working. Just here to share my happiness with my readers. Remember to have your lunch! Try dining at “Moi Lum Restaurant.” Ciao!


Hectic Schedule

Recently, I’ve been having meetings with the staffs and my colleagues. We’re most likely gonna hold weekly meetings from now on. (Boy, this is tiring!) Seems like a lot are really going to change- Changes for the better. My job is no longer just a part-time job which does minor for my future, but it also carries more career opportunities for me from now on.

The only sad thing is that my salary is back to square one again. Bah, forget it… Guess that it doesn’t really matter. Think that it won’t affect me much since I’m still young, and I’m not after the payroll anyway.

And I’m feeling better now, after somewhat resting for 2 days. But my cough seems to be getting worse, and my blocked nose still irritates me badly. Never mind, at least I can talk now! My voice was ‘super sexy’ previously.

Siddy, YZ and Gwen came to visit me on Saturday night. Knowing that I was very sick, they came to my house personally to deliver me a sunflower, a get-well-soon card, biscuit for me to eat after I’ve recovered and an apple!

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” Haha. I was really surprised and I fully appreciate it. I love surprises. Thanks, guys! *Hugs*

Signing off!




I’m sick! Having running nose, cough and sore throat now. I was planning to go out today, but what about now? Really hope that I’ll be feeling better later on, so at least maybe I can go out in the evening.

I’ve no appetite for lunch and breakfast at all! Feeling hungry, but don’t feel like eating. What should I do?! Don’t wanna go see a doctor, because it’s costly, and I’d get scolded by my parents for not taking care of myself.

Okay, I feel like sneezing again as I’m typing this… Had a long meeting and discussion at work yesterday. Got some major changes in the management, and lots of improvements are to be made. A few of my colleagues have also resigned the job. Kinda sad, but life still has to go on…

I’ll just take a step at a time and try my best to adapt to the new policies and such. Gonna go take a rest now…

Granado Espada Version 3.3

Just checked out the new Granado Espada Version 3.3 trailer… I thought that the genre was rather different from the past ones, and was very interesting as well as entertaining.

Check it out!