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The Two Movies

Pardon me, but I feel that my interest for blogging has started to waver again. Be it blogging about the daily happenings, commenting on movies, or even talking about food, it seems like I somehow still feel empty after all. My initial purpose to keep an online blog, was so as to let my memories remain intact as I age.

However, I now feel damn lazy to blog about everything and anything. Am I hopeless? Lol. I’m always like that after I get sick of my blog. Then if my mood returns, I’ll create another blog on another site. Well, maybe.

Anyway, I was out with Lydia again on Saturday. Caught a movie in the morning, followed by my slimming program at “London Weight Management.” Lol, no I’m not overweight! Chubby, maybe? But I do feel that I have some unwanted fats to get rid of. After which, we caught another movie again.

Have you watched “The Fourth Kind” yet? It’s a movie about aliens, which is based on actual case studies. It is also based on several real video footage, which frightened me in the cinema. I felt like it was as though the movie was a black hole, sucking me into it’s climax and making me feel what the witnesses felt.

Do you believe in aliens, anyway? Since young, I’ve been fascinated by myths and legends. I even do research on such mysterious stuff when I’m bored, lol. The movie had left a deep impression in my mind, and one of the scenes with “Dr.Abigail Tyler” was heart-wrenching. Her pains and sorrows had absolutely reached my heart.

As for “Sherlock Holmes,” I was totally bored out at the starting and almost dozed off. I swear that I had already did my part to fight against the tiredness! Unfortunately, I had succumbed to it in the end. As soon as my vision began to blackout, the movie had managed to absorb my attention back when “Blackwood” performed an intriguing trick. And after that, I no longer felt weary but excited, as I anticipated each scene.

The movie’s ingenious, with the element of Science as the important factor. Chemistry, I’d supposed. In case you do not know who “Sherlock Holmes” is, he’s a “fictional character of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who first appeared in publication in 1887.

Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess and is renowned for his skillful use of astute observation, deductive reasoning and forensic skills to solve difficult cases.”

– As quoted from Wikipedia.

Quite interesting, I guess. “Sherlock Holmes” is rather ‘legendary’ to me, which had motivated me to patronize the movie. Not bad a film, but I guess that there could be more actions. So yeah, I’ll be looking forward to improvements in part II of the movie!

Okay, signing off already… Bye-bye all!

Welcome To 2010!

Yes, it’s 01/01/2010! I’ve been waiting for this day to come, as 2009 wasn’t really an ideal year for me. Wasn’t that bad but oh well, wasn’t that good either. Average, perhaps? Now that 2009 has passed, 2010 couldn’t be any worse.

I’ve gotten myself a new job at an outsourced call center for an airline, which begins on 11/01/2010. Good prospects and salary! With it, comes hard work though. Well I just hope that it won’t be too hard, and that this year will be fruitful one! After today has passed, I shall look forward to Chinese New Year next! Hehe.

Work hard, everybody! It’s time to let go of the past and start afresh. Au revoir!

Super Junior’s Lawsuit Cases

Belated Christmas, all! I wasn’t really occupied for the past few days due to the festive season, but was terribly lazy to blog. Apologies, if I’ve kept my readers waiting.

I’ll be updating more about my Korea trip in a couple of days’ time, as I’ve finally managed to upload all of the pictures onto Facebook. Hence, you may now proceed to my Facebook account to view the two related albums!

Anyway, I’m feeling a little depressed these days due to the recent up-rise of the lawsuit cases, which some members of “Super Junior” filed against their company, “SM Entertainment.” Came to know of “Super Junior-M” and the group’s existence only about a year back, then I kinda admire their talents and began to give them my utmost support. My favorite members are “Eunhyuk” and “Siwon!” “Ryeowook” is not bad too, actually. Unfortunately, the lawsuit cases had to take place just a few days ago.

“[Sina Entertainment News]
The day before, Hangeng, the only Chinese member of Asia’s super popular group, Super Junior, and leader to Super Junior M, filed for a termination of his “exclusive contract” with SM Entertainment. According to the latest news from Korea, Hangeng is not the only one who filed the lawsuit. Other Super Junior members have also filed a similar lawsuit, and they include: Lee Teuk, Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Donghae. The only reason why news about Hangeng was exposed first, is because of his nationality.

According to the lawsuit, Hangeng has not had any rest in 2 years, causing him to suffer from fatigue, which also resulted in chronic gastritis, illnesses related to his kidney, lumbar disc herniation, as well as a visible decrease in body strength. However, SM Entertainment rejected Hangeng’s requests for rest, and continued to schedule activities for him, which caused Hangeng to suffer a lot of pain.

According to the contents of the lawsuit, since the time of his debut, Hangeng didn’t even have one day of rest per week. For 2 years, Hangeng has continuously done his overseas schedules as well, and had no choice but to continue with his schedules without any rest. In his contract with SM, there are clauses stating that he has to pay the company monetary damages should he be unable to fulfill the schedules arranged for him. Thus, even when he was in poor health, he had no choice but to follow through with his schedules.

Once the news broke out, many fans have expressed the wish for SM and the members to be able to make peace, and make changes to their contracts, as well as expressed hope that Super Junior will not face the threat of disbanding.”

As seen in Hangeng’s blog, he had posted a one-line entry on the same day he filed for the case, with regards to the alarming news.

More to add on, it seems like “Super Junior-M” was hit the most badly.

“[Sohu] Things are happening one after the other for Super Junior and Hangeng after he filed a lawsuit against SM – now Chinese sub-unit Super Junior M are stopping all further activities.

Apparently, member Henry and SME act Zhang Li Yin are on the performers list for the “Passionate Animation Festival”, set for December 30, instead of Super Junior M.

According to producers, they intended to have Super Junior M as guests but were informed by SME that SJM cannot perform due to ‘internal reasons’and were offeredZhang Li Yin & Henry combination instead of the originally planned complete (SJM) group.”

According to the producers, SME also said that “During this stage of Hangeng’s leave of (from) the group, SJM will also temporarily disband, and Henry with Zhang Li Yin will represent the company by forming a group for future promotions.”

Details about how long the temporary ‘disbandment’ will last have not been confirmed yet but it’ll most probably last until Hangeng’s issue is cleared up, which may take a while if the DBSK issue is anything to base it on.”

Here’s a video of the latest performance by “Super Junior-M,” a day before the lawsuit cases were filed.

Well, what exactly is happening? I just hope that the matter will be settled and blow over soon… Really don’t wish to see “Super Junior” or “Super Junior-M” disband.

Ta-ta and goodbye, all!

Music Forest Audition

It’s the time of the year again! Nah, I’m not referring to my blog entry title here… I’m talking about the yearly camping event, held at Holy Innocents’ High School. Each time I hear the organizers making announcements through the megaphone to the students, it will remind me that yet another year is about to end.

Then again, I’d look back and think about what I have achieved so far. Have I, or have I not? Hmm… A ponder for my thoughts, yeah? I sure hope that my life has been led meaningfully all this time. :)

Back to topic, I actually did the most courageous thing in my life yesterday. Which was, to sing in front of everybody in public! I don’t mean singing on the streets or anything, but to perform graciously in front of the judge, staffs and contestants in an audition. Gosh, I had never expected that such a day would come!

– The above photo was taken from “Impresario 2010.”

Had my pitches cracked a couple of times during my first practice and trust me, it was kinda embarrassing. Fortunately, my performance turned out fairly when it was my turn to showcase in front of the judge. I was a bit disappointed by my performance, all thanks to being panic-stricken, which made me literally fervid.

Nevertheless, I’d say that it was an all-good experience! The results will be out approximately end of this month. Wonder if I’ve managed to pass? Lol.

After my audition, I dated Lydia for a movie- “A Perfect Getaway.”

Heard from the others, that the show’s not that good beforehand. However, I’d beg to differ. The visual effects in the show are very realistic… Despite being a thriller with a typical setting, the sound effects and plot aren’t that common after all. Here, you can totally expect the unexpected sound effects and twists! Twists always captures flavors, don’t they? There are also a few humorous scenes in the show, to lighten your spirit and to loosen you up from all the tension.

Hence, the conclusion? Not bad! Lol. Alright, I’m stopping here already. Am beginning to think that perhaps my posts are too long-winded… Bye!

Korea Trip: Everland

Hello! I’m so sorry for the late update… Was expecting to be blogging much earlier but due to the stupid traffic on Facebook, I could not upload all of my photos and might have to push the deadline further now. Hence, I thought that I should start blogging about my trip first. Here’s my story for day one!

Hadn’t slept for a day, as I’m not comfortable with sleeping on the plane. Took sometime to wash up in the lavatory and I realized that the water seemed to be recycled water or something? Okay, never mind that… The thought of it disgusts me. Anyway!

I had reached Korea at around 7am and rushed to change into winter wear, the moment I landed. Met up with the tour group and my parents moments later, and we were off to visit the well-known “Everland Resort.” I was quite stimulated to go there, as well as to other parts of Korea.

Frankly speaking, I never really liked traveling to Asian countries or to countries with lots of Chinese. I know that I’m rather peculiar, but I don’t know why either. However, I’m glad to have been to Korea this time round! Perhaps it’s because most of my idols originate there, lol.

Well, the visit to “Everland Resort” was a great one. Very worth it, as I could have a full-day unlimited rides pass. Plus, there was also a fireworks and an Olympus fantasy laser show, as well as the moonlighting magic parade float show. Not to forget, the tram ride at the Safari World Zoo is included!

Shall let the photos and videos do the honor. (Please note that I will not be posting most of the trip photos in my blog entries, as there are too many photos. Kindly proceed to my Facebook to view them instead. Thanks!)

– Please pardon me for any poor audio/quality, as I’m not a professional. =)

And so, I spent the night at the “Everland Alps Cottage Cabin Resort.” It’s just next to the “Everland Theme Park” and there’s a back entrance to the theme park, just for the guests to use. You may have a look at the cottage cabin resort!

Well, guess what? There are no beds in my room! Was somehow given the privilege of leading the life of a Korean for a night. If you do not know, most Koreans sleep on the ondol floor with mattresses, instead of beds during winter. It’s really warm and cozy!

Alright, will update again soon. Gonna be very busy for the next few days, packing my stuff in preparation for shifting to my new house, as well as practicing for the upcoming audition. Bye-bye!

P.S: All photos and videos posted, are either taken by my family or me. Kindly seek permission first before ripping/copying them, thank you.

Back From Korea

I’m back in Singapore! Well, did anyone miss me? I won’t be updating about the trip today, because I have lots of gift-giving to perform, as well as to unpack and pack my own stuff. Went to Korea with three suitcases and ended up coming back with six! …There could have been more.

So stay tuned, alright? Bye-bye!